JCP Solicitors LCKinder 05 July 2019
What you need to know!

What you need to know!

What do you get?

Your Child will recieve - 

  • Medal at the finishline
  • Tshirt Prior to the event
  • Bib Number
  • 2 Temporary  Tattoos (One for Parent and one for the Child)


Before the event

  • All entries will close 2 weeks prior to the event.  There is a limited capacity for the event and once the event has sold out/closed we will not be taking any more entries.
  • The bib numbers & tattoos & T-shirts for all children will be posted out 2 weeks prior to the event.


On the day

  • Your child must be down at the beach by 4.30pm to be sorted into age groups for the start.  
  • All children must be wearing the t-shirt bib number and 1 tattoo and the other tattoo should be on the Parent/Guardian.
  • We wont have any spare packs on the beach so please let us know 1 week prior to the event, if you have still not received this.
  • All children will be released back to parents/guardians with the corresponding tattoos.
  • If you have more than 1 child entered, please make sure you are wearing all the corresponding tattoos.


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